What is Shop4Funds?

How does it work?

How do I join?

How does it work?

Shop4Funds - the FREE online fundraising service

The easiest way to explain how Shop4Funds works is to walk you through an example:

  1. A supporter decides they want to buy something online (e.g. a camera).
  2. Instead of going directly to the online shop, they first go to your Shop4Funds web page. From here, they access a directory of Shop4Funds affiliated online retailers.
  3. The supporter selects one of the listed retailers, adds their chosen product(s) to their online shopping basket and completes the online transaction.
  4. Once the transaction is completed, the retailer pays a referral fee to Shop4Funds.
  5. Shop4Funds then deducts an admin fee and donates the rest directly to your good cause.
  6. Each donation will be added to your fundraising campaign.  If you'd like to see an example of a campaign, click here.
  7. In the near future, your supporters will also be able to download a Shop4Funds App that allows them to use the service on mobile devices. 


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